Combine the Wella Studio LA and Robert Lobetta for one evening and you are sure to leave inspired!  The Almost Famous event definitely didn’t disappoint.


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We arrived at The Studio LA just in time for a couple of pre-presentation cocktails and to chat with all of our favorite Wella artists.   After running into pal, Brenton Lee, and his super adorable wife, Julie,  we all took our seats.

We could tell you about all of Robert Lobetta’s on-stage antics,  his multiple costume changes or even his “shut the fuck up” mug…  instead we want to share our “A Ha” moments because this  presentation was quite possibly one of the most inspiring events we have been to in a very long time…


Unique Self

“I think that somehow whilst trying something new, they suddenly found they were able to put their entire selves into these endeavors. Only then did it become their unique style, that’s what people respond to. Finding your unique style allows you to be Remarkable.”-Robert Lobetta

These few sentences had a huge impact on the way I look at myself. As someone who is freshly out of school and has only been licensed for a year, I constantly compare myself to others. I worry that if I can’t do a perfect 5 point Sassoon cut I will never be a great cutter, if I can’t do the perfect braid like Amika: or make the perfect wig like Cantrell Mitchell Jr., then I’ll never be a great hairdresser.

I have come to find that I like texture, big backcombed hair is where my heart is, and to hear the words from Robert Lobetta that it’s OK to not be like everyone else and finding what I like is acceptable and I will be a great hairdresser because of it, as long as I keep at it, was such a huge AH-HA moment for me. I have to be true to who I am and keep creating the things that I love because it makes me Unique. –Annie




Life is Short

“Life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?”

After working my “Big Kid” job for many years, and working as an Esthetician part time, I felt that I no longer wanted to be looking into a world I wanted to be a part of from the sidelines. I took a huge leap of faith, quit my day job and went back to Cosmetology school full time. I took advantage of every opportunity that came my way and stepped outside my comfort level so I wouldn’t fall into the background.

I find myself taking the easy road a lot of the time and end up being unhappy in my career and in life. I am constantly having to stop, look at the path I’m on and reevaluate if I am doing something to better myself and my life or if I’m being lazy.  I want to wake up every day excited for what’s ahead of me and go to sleep at night knowing I did everything I could have done. – Annie




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Having both come from the education side of the industry and having been fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the most amazing Hair Dressers and Beauty Biz Authorities around… we decided it was time to come up with an intern program at The Hair Nerds.

We have heard it time and time again from the legends..  the knowledge that you have gained it worth nothing if you don’t share it.  That mentoring provides growth like nothing else can.

Watching as Annie sat on the edge of her seat absorbing every ounce of wisdom Robert Lobetta had to offer,  I couldn’t help but be inspired.   We have an opportunity to create the next generation of Hair Nerd.   Are we nurturing Cosmo Babies and new stylists?

I had to wonder… is it possible that the most important mission for Hair Nerds is to mentor future Hair Nerds?  – Erin





Do Shit

“When all is said and done will you have said more than you have done?” –Robert Lobetta

This statement should be in The Hair Nerd’s Declaration of Nerdiness!   How many times have you told your friends you were going to enter a competition or go to a show and then not followed through?

Less Talk, More Action.   It is scary to do things, but we have to move past the fear and dive off the cliff.  Brig Van Osten once said,” You can’t win if you don’t enter.”  Whether it is competitions, photo shoots, education… whatever…  find the thing that gets you going and do that!  – Erin



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