Leonard Lewis

Considered the first celebrity hairdresser by some, Leonard Lewis, also known as Leonard of Mayfair, was a master of his craft. 
As a young hairdresser, Lewis went to work in the Vidal Bond Street salon. As he learned to cut hair the “Vidal way” he also learned that he and Vidal had much in common and became fast friends. Through his career there, Leonard picked up Vidal’s teaching rather quickly and eventually opened his own salon in London.
As a rising star in his own right, Lewis used all of the knowledge brought to him by Vidal and gave it his own twist. His cutting was a bit softer, giving his clientele an ease about their look. This technique brought him celebrity status rivaling Vidal Sassoon. With the likes of Mick Jagger, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly in his salon, he quickly rose to the top of the hairdressing it lists and had lines out the door.
Although he had quite the following already, he truly hit the cool mark when he created a cute crop on a then small time model in 1966; Twiggy. After his brush with fashion in the now iconic picture of Twiggy, Leonard leaped into the movie and fashion business.
Creating beautiful and sometimes eccentric looks for runways and films. He developed a wonderful working relationship with Stanley Kubrick and worked on many of his films including A Clockwork Orange and Barry Lyndon. 
As Vidal dove into the product industry and Leonard dove into fashion and film they still remained close friends. Although failing health and a few bad business decisions had Leonard leave the business in 1988 Vidal Sassoon was quoted “Without the working ability of Leonard, I might not have reached where I did.”

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