We hopped on the red-eye to NYC  after the Come2Gether event  exhausted from a weekend of Hair Nerd Havoc and never-ending nights.  The thought was we would fly JetBlue and relax for 5 delicious hours of uninterrupted sleep in a cozy leather seat.  Unfortunately after take off the pilot informed us we should hold on for dear life because this was going to be one bumpy ride…



Throwing caution to the wind we became best friends with the bartender (flight attendant ) and rehashed the events of the weekend.  Fast forward 5 hours and we accidentally giggled and talked hair for most of the cross country journey.  With roughly 90 minutes of sleep and a full day at Fashion Week,  we were saved by the knowledge that 8am  brought with it a complimentary blowout at Sam Villa’s Pop-Up Blowout Bar.


We are kinda obsessed with the Education Director,  Andrew Carruthers.  We started our love affair with the Lunatic boys many years ago and now that Andrew is with Sam Villa… well, it is pretty much perfect!  Not only did we show up ready to revive our limp, lifeless locks with a badass blowout, but we were in full stalking mode.


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Carrie was ready to steal the Sam Villa Blowdryer because it is CRAZY light weight and dried her dense mane insanely fast.  Tina was smart to keep an eye on her tools!  “Yes Carrie,that IS a blowdryer in your pocket…. and I am NOT happy to see you” lol



In a bold move,  Tina offered us sweet swag bags in order to keep her hot tools.. we accepted.


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We left with killer blowouts…. now if they could just help us with the dark bags under our eyes!


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We cornered Andrew to get the scoop on the new Sam Villa Hair Show salons and he shared the philosophy of education that Sam Villa is starting it from… Don’t worry we secretly recorded the entire conversation.  Prepare to fall in love with a company!


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After we spent the day darting from show to show,  we hooked back up with the Sam Villa crew scarfed some guacamole and margaritas in celebration of the Hair Baby’s birthday.   Rafa and Andrew offered another round of blowouts for the entire Hair Nerd Crew and we couldn’t say no…. in fact booked we them electronically at the restaurant table to secure our spots!  Can’t back out now boys!