Originally from Canada, and having spent many of her years in the United Kingdom, Sara is a Professional Makeup Artist with training from some of London’s top fashion academies. Having had the opportunity to have worked with some of Britain’s top artist, Sara brings an edge to her hometown of Regina. She was a finalist in this years NAHA makeup category and we expect to see a lot more from her in the years to come.




Tell us your life story in 3 sentences.

-I grew up with 2 parents, 4 siblings, Simon the cat for 21 years, the same amazing  partner for 25 years and I’ve been the mommy to the little girl who is the light of my life for 10 years.
-I became a makeup artist by accident.
-I lived in the UK for eight years, had our baby there and returned home to Canada where I’m loving an awesome career.

What was your biggest F-up with a client?

My biggest f-up with a client was when I was working on supermodel Liberty Ross for London Fashion Week. I was almost finished her look and was almost out of time when I picked up the wrong brush and accidentally spread jet black eyeshadow across her entire eyelid, which was a soft purple eye. I somehow made it work but that was definitely a big f-up!


Whats your biggest fear in life or your career?

My biggest fear in life is losing a family member.
The biggest fear in my career is that I would ever stop learning and begin to stagnate.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter competitions?

To anyone wanting to enter a competition, I would suggest you only ever truly compete against yourself and try to outdo yourself. You can’t begin to guess what someone else’s vision might be and nor should you. Don’t worry about anyone else, just never settle. Make your own mark in competitions every single time.


Real life advice to someone entering the world of cosmetology…

Whatever your inspirations or reasons are, don’t enter this industry because  you think it’s glamorous or easy. It’s neither of those things.