Master Class with Mark Hayes

With hair show season not quite here, it is easy for a true #HairNerd to get a little down in the dumps as the #HairFamily withdrawals start. We were definitely there… We needed to get our groove back or we were not going to make it until ISSE Long Beach.

Thankfully, the Sassoon Academy was holding a Master Cutting and Coloring class to present the Dandies Collection. We tricked them into inviting us to see all the backstage prep for the kickoff presentation with International Creative Director, Mark Hayes, North American Creative Director, Traci Sakosits and Northern American Color Director, Richie Rivera. Oh happy hair day…. Hair Event to the rescue! ~The Hair Nerds

Hair Hustle

Perhaps for others this was going to be just another Sunday Funday… We were determined to make it the stuff Hair Dreams are made of…

Sassoon Master Class HairVenture 2013 - HairNerd Carrie John McCormick

We knew spending the day with the Sassoon Hairdinis was going to leave us with some exciting education and powerful inspiration.

Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Sassoon Academy Santa Monica
The sign lit up like a beacon signal from the heavens…




This season, Sassoon Academy channels the dandy, a fashionable man pursuing sartorial perfection who emerged at the end of the eighteenth century with a body framed by the expert tailoring of Londons Savile Row.

The dandy became the very definition of urban sophistication. The Dandies takes the traditional conventions of gentlemens barbering and infuses them with a contemporary energy and verve creating a modern androgyny when boys cuts appear on girls.


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Sassoon Team Prepping for the Master Class

Every presentation requires some serious prep, but when prepping for an intimate Sassoon Collection, it requires precision bar none!  We arrived to the academy as all the morning hustle was in full swing.


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Hairbrained Cellphone Shootout Winner Eliot Standen and Hair Nerd Carrie

As I closely stood behind hair stars watching their every move, I noticed there was fellow stalker in the prep room. It was Eliot Standen, winner of the Hairbrained Cell Phone Shoot Out. His prize was a VIP Sassoon packed weekend full of education and stalking opportunities!


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - North American Creative Director Traci Sakosits and International Creative Director Mark Hayes

Although there was mad prep, the vibe was full of fun and #HairFamily moments.  Traci Sakosits and Mark Hayes smiled and laughed the entire time.  You could really tell how well this team works together.

Watching him interact with his team with passion and respect for the day made me that much more excited for the outcome of the presentation.


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Richie Rivera and Dianne Degnan

Richie Rivera and Dianne Degnan were mixing their magic…


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Cole Thompson

Cole Thompson was in his zone…


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Cole Thompson and Hair Nerd Carrie

So of course, I interrupted him and begged for a pic with me! haha


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Karen and Jesika from Sassoon Scottsdale AZ

Karen and Jesika came all the way from Sassoon Scottsdale to assist.  They were here for the second time to join in on all the magic. 


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Eliot Standen Hairbrained cell Phone shootout Winner Tina Andersen Traci Sakosits Mark Hayes

Elliot and I just soaked it all in as we watched Tina Andersen’s precise, steady hand. Tina Andersen is known for her Sassoon skills but she is also known as the “Barbering Queen” Tina has a hilarious sense of humor and was so fun to watch in action.


Let The Show Begin…

Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Wayne Woodruff

Wayne Woodruff opened and presented Dianne Degnan, Kenny Reid, Lucas Etticity and Richie Rivera to get the evening started.


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Jeremy Dqavies-Barbala Cole Thompson Tina Andersen

Jeremy Davies-Barbala, Cole Thompson and Tina Andersen had us super entertained with their onstage banter and skills.


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Traci Sakosits cutting on stageWhen Traci Sakosits is cutting hair, you can see and feel how much she loves it…


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Traci Sakosits and Mark Hayes

Mark and Traci mesmerized the crowd. On stage, Mark mentioned how lucky he was to be able to have the opportunity to spend time with like minded people and do some amazing hair on the daily.


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Mark Hayes with Model

Mark Hayes finished the last model before the finale… BTW-this model in particular was one of the nicest, funniest girls I have ever met! Love her!


Sassoon Master Class 2013

After we watched the techniques and inhaled the Dandies inspiration, we enjoyed the complete looks along with models who knew how to move and play up their roles.


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Dandies3

Jockey Club was infused with jeweled sexy lips and tailored lines….


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Dandies1

Roustabout signifies the working man during the Depression, but the hair color and lines on these silhouettes had everyone on cloud nine


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Dandies2

The Suedehead mod mommas worked the stage with attitude and swagger.


Final Stalkings…

After we cheered the mind blowing collection we all went downstairs to celebrate with champagne and hugs. Making it the best time to stalk…

Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Richie Rivera and Hair Nerd Carrie

One of my most favorite things about being a Hair Nerd is meeting artists like Richie Rivera, Love Love Love him! He not only has amazing talent, but a great personality to go with it.


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Traci Sakosits and Hair Nerd Carrie

Had to give Traci Sakosits one more squeeze before leaving! Always great hanging with her.


Sassoon Master Class 2013 - Travis Smith Hair Nerd Carrie John McCormick

As John and I made our way out we got to have a great conversation with one of the newest additions to the Sassoon Family, Travis Smith. I cannot wait to see what 2014 brings to this hard working Hair Nerd!

Our day was more incredible than we had even imagined, as always; we felt welcomed and left with some serious excitement and inspiration.  Sassoon has a way of making you strive to  be a  better hairdresser.  Taking time to remember how important each subsection, snip and finish truly matters to those who wear it and to those who create it!

Special Thank You to all of the Sassoon Family! xo