Education is everything if you want to succeed behind the chair and find excitement in your craft. Some get that license and never look back, missing out on the thrill of concurring new skills, meeting fellow knowledge hungry souls and being exposed to the constant changes our business provides. We encourage you to all get out there and rattle that comfort cage of salon life and go get that education your creative flow is begging you for! ~ The Hair Nerds xo

Tick, Tock…

From the moment I got the call and was invited to take the two day Sebastian Editorial Class, I never stopped looking at the clock.. What was only a few weeks felt like years of torture counting down the days, the hours and the seconds to boarding my plane to L.A. 

The big day finally arrived and as I stacked months worth of clothes and gathered all of my tools, I realized there was no way my little jetsetter bag was gonna cut it for this Hair-Venture.  But as usual, I needed haul ass if I was to make this plane… So I packed up everything into my trunk and prayed to the travel Gods in hopes of finding a suitcase big enough and one that I could afford to make this happen. Thankfully there is a Macy’s right off the 5 that a girl could run into and grab a suitcase. (I scored… Under $100 & made my plane!)

DAY ONE – The Arrival…

As I pulled up to The Studio,  the butterflies of nerves and excitement took over.  I knew this class would be amazing and knew Sarah Merrie would be teaching, which for me was super awesome since she and Janine Jarman were my first real Hair-Venture experience.  I walked in to be greeted instantly from staff and even students who were also walking into uncharted territory, yet everyone was amped up and united, making the entrance sweeter.

Even Stephen Moody came out to chat with his assistant but made sure to make me feel welcomed by throwing up a “C” for me! I think he was just trying to make sure I felt welcomed and calm so I wouldn’t #MoodyMeltdown in the lobby.

Let’s get to Business…

 We were greeted by the beautiful Richelle Evans who whisked us away into the vault of knowledge, leading us to our studio that felt more like a hair show presentation than a classroom.

By the time we grabbed a cup of coffee and turned around Sarah and Richelle had their models on the stage and we were learning.

The class was focused on the Infinite Posibillities collection, demonstrating how to start with one look and transition it to deliver multiple looks for your sessions.

We were encouraged to get outta our seats and explore the feeling of being on stage along side them.  Basically resting our heads on their shoulders to soak in every move they made gave us an up close look on the importance of tool and body positioning and how it would effect the outcome of your look.

 When I realized braids were going to be part of the curriculum I almost had an anxiety attack.  They have been my kryptonite since beauty school.  Sarah shared her prior fears of braids but looked like she has been braiding for years, so I knew today was the day I had to put on my big girl panties and face my fears. 

 Hanging out on a stage gave us access to play with all Sarah and Richelle’s tools and open every product to smell and feel. I’m kinda in love with the Shine Crafter, its not super heavy and its super shiny and pretty.

 We spent the first half of our first day watching two full looks along with some really cool tricks.

 Usually, on education days your accustom to crappy cold pizza and warm soda… But not at The Studio! VIP status with a relaxing atmosphere to talk hair and make new friends.

Off to Studio 3…

 Now it was time for us to try our our new knowledge.  We set up our stations and chose  two looks from our morning demos.


It was so fun to watch eachother add our own flavors to the looks we  created. 

 One of my favorite things at a hair class is learning from the other students.  Anna is actually going through the entire Wella / Sebastian curriculum one class at a time, which to us is pretty inspiring.

After an amazing first day of education, Anna and I needed a ride back to our hotel.  After calling for our hotel shuttle a few times, we realized walking in the hot sun was most definitely in our future. 

But the second the amazing concierge Rick heard of our crazy talk, he personally drove us home.  See, VIP all the way!

 Day Two – Go Time…

Waking up for day two was a breeze. I thought about all of the techniques I was shown the whole night and was eager to get my hands into some hair.

As we entered Studio 3 we noticed Jackie’s station was covered in birthday love. Sarah and Richelle dolled up her station with balloons, banners and streamers. 

The fact that Jackie spent her special day learning instead of the usual birthday shenanigans really speaks to her true commitment to her craft.

Sarah even made homemade brownies that melted our faces off.  They didn’t survive long.


But the fun didn’t end there.. Everyone got presents for Jackie’s birthday! We were the first to recieve the new Sebastian Backcombing Brush before anyone!

 After we calmed down from all the morning excitement, Richelle got right into a few more looks.

 We loved how many different looks they showed us.  These new skills will come in handy on a photo shoot and surprisingly even  behind the chair. 

I Must Stalk…

Before the models were to arrive we needed to hurry and grab some lunch (again Amazing!) and prep before their arrival.  So as everyone went to lunch,  I may have  sneaked behind the scenes and may have even ended up inside Stephen Moody’s office.  That’s not creepy… right? 

Stephen has this amazing picture of Vidal Sassoon and himself  hanging in his office. Although this photo could be incredibly incriminating, I felt the need to share.

The Session Has Begun… 

 The models arrived and it was show time.  We quickly got started with prepping the hair to recreate the looks we fell in love with during our two day Hair-Venture.

 Look! I am braiding!

Anna was getting down on some serious braiding.

Final Looks 

Once our models were complete it was time to record all of our hard work. It was so fun cheering everyone on and enjoying everyones work as each of our models posed. Sarah and Richelle made our class so much fun and gave each of  us the opportunity to get soild feedback and usefull tips for our future editorial ventures.  


We ended the day with a  little moonwalk & worm battle and said our good-byes.

Here are all of our final looks!


  Anna Draganova


Jackie McWilliams


Kristin Isaac


Hair Nerd Carrie


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