Arriving at the  gorgeous St. Vibiana Cathedral, you could feel the excitement of what was sure to be an amazing night.  This was the culmination of the six stop Black Ops Tour and finale including the What’s Next Awards.   We were hurdling to the moment everyone had anxiously been anticipating for months!



Randy Taylor, Co-Founder,  hung out back stage while we stalked the Sebastian pre-show reception in the gardens.



While the party got going outside, the Sebastian Design Team prepped for their upcoming artistic presentation… Omar Antonio created a beautiful textured design.



We signed the wall with our dear friend, John McCormick,  who kept us laughing the entire night.



We also ran into JoshXO trying to blend in…



Once the presentation started, Anthony Cole and Diva Poulos united to create this signature sexy Sebastian look.



While Omar and Maryelle Koken, teamed up to produce this marriage of intricate design work and voluptuous texture.




After the Sebastian Design Team Members wowed us with these incredible looks,  it was time for the What’s Next Awards.  It is no secret that we LIVE for competitions.  We believe they help push you past your comfort zone and force you to explore the purest version of your craft.



As an audience member,  the excitement in the finalist’s voices is electric.  They have worked so hard to get to this very moment and this is their opportunity to shine.



Win or lose it is really about the #CompetitionExperience … The Wella Brand family really sets the bar high when it come to the experience these contestants receive.  They spend the day backstage with #HairHeroes recreating the look they submitted and then present their model on stage for jam packed crowd.



Everyone was on pins and needles as they announced the winners…


We were standing right beside Rachel Carr’s boyfriend, so when her name was announced we were all extremely excited.  We think he would be the ultimate #HairHusband!  He was literally beaming with pride!!

New Talent Winner, Rachel Carr “I’m surprised and honored to have won. I’m glad to be a part of Sebastian in this way; I have always been inspired by their style, shapes and textures.”



Professional Talent Winner, Daniel L: “After so much work it’s definitely worth the experience and it’s incredibly humbling to be around artists I’ve looked up to. I am so happy!”



The celebration officially began…



It was a gorgeous evening and everyone was feeling the #HairShowHigh. The Sebastian Red Carpet was packed with models and elite hairdressers as the wall was signed by each and every attendee, with fun shot outs to salon teams and #hairitage pride.



The idea behind The Hair Nerds was born at TrendVision a couple of years ago, so it seemed appropriate that this would be Heather, our newest intern’s, first #Hair-Venture.  We introduced her to our favorite photographer and co-founder of hairbrained, Randy Taylor.



And of course… JoshXO and Katie Buttz  kept us laughing uncontrollably! ( Yay for Hairbrained Friends)


We grabbed a #SwagBag that literally weighed a thousand pounds it was so jam packed with AMAZING Sebastian product.  Obviously, we had to test our strength by using them in an impromptu weight lifting session. Before leaving we chatted it up with Brenton Lee and his beautiful bride, Julie, making plans to hang out the next day.



No one wanted to leave and as things wrapped up, people just kept laughing and admiring the incredible work from the Design Team and What’s Next Contestants.   That is the thing about these types of events… they are a haven for Hair Nerds to connect, compete and be inspired.



For more awesome pictures of the Sebastian What’s Next Awards:

 Backstage & Sebastian What’s Next Awards

 Sebastian WNA Black Ops Finalists

Special Thanks to Randy Taylor of Hairbrained