As Hair Nerds, it is our responsibility to stay current on what is happening in the industry.  Imagine our surprise on Friday evening when we saw the Sebastian #WhatsNextSanFrancisco was hitting the bay area THAT WEEKEND! We were completely dumbfounded… how had we missed this?!  #HairNerdSlackers




We quickly set to work figuring out how we were going to weasel our way into the show.  Hair Nerds don’t bother with little things like being invited! (We are the friend who shows up to your party uninvited and drinks all your booze) So I sent out a mass text message to the Nerds instructing them to cancel their Sunday plans… we were taking a road trip!




The event was held at the gorgeous Terra Gallery with views of the bridge and a moody, artistic vibe.  It was the perfect back drop for the show we were about to witness.




We cornered Omar Antonio, Sebastian International Artistic Team Member,  to thank him for getting us the inside scoop on the show and helping us sneak in. #ItWasAnInsideJob #OmarSavesTheDay




Wella Director of Education, Mika Quinn, and Jeff Pierce welcomed  Nicole Revish and Carrera Bailey to the stage where they showed off their runway ready/ street style hybrid creations.  Carrera explained the color behind each look sharing her Wella Illumina secrets + Magma obsession. This is how we know Carrera is our long lost colorist sister.. #MagmaRules




Jeff and Mika touched on the four pillars of the Wella Hairdressers at Heart program:  New Talent, Childcare, Scholarships & Charity Challenge before bringing Anthony Cress on stage.  We joke about Anthony’s beard being the magic behind his extreme talent.  Seriously though,  he came out and got down to business creating a textured urban style.   Anthony won the NAHA for the Texture category last year so he knows a thing or two about incredible composition.





As a grand finale,  Omar Antonio joined Anthony on stage to reveal their collaboration inspired by instagram follower’s San Francisco Inspiration submissions.




This head piece was partially inspired by the new bay bridge.  Omar explained that the new bridge had just recently opened and is this beautiful structure  located right next to the old bridge that was affected by the 1989 earthquake .  Inspired by the architectural lines of the new bridge and the old world charm of the original suspension bridge, they created a piece that combined both elements.




In the end, we hung out with Anthony, Carrera and Omar at the bar talking kids, travels and general Hair Nerd Shenanigans. We may have also invaded Anthony’s personal space and held a mini photo-shoot with his moustache and beard. (Sorry Anthony! Thanks for being such a great sport!)

It is events like Sebastian What’s Next  that keep us energized and focused on this industry we adore so much.  Keep an eye out for the #WellaLifeTour hitting a city near you this year.  It is a can’t miss experience!