In less than two weeks you could be stalking the streets of Austin, Texas in attendance of Social Beauty Live at the World’s Fair Show on September 7, 2014.

You will leave this night empowered, with more clarity and confidence around engaging on the social web, growing your relationships and business in the process.


If we could just click our heels 3 times and magically appear… you bet your bouffant we would. (Umm, Hellllllooo… everything is bigger in Texas)  There isn’t much we wouldn’t do to learn from Nina Kovner, co-founder of PassionSquared.  This has included:


Taking her webinars at the boarding gates of airports…




Leaving New York Fashion Week 2 days early to attend a Social Beauty Live event…

social beauty live san antonio


Luring Nina to Salt Lake City with the promise of hanging out with Jake Thompson, Andrew Carruthers and Nick Hemsley


And creeping up behind her every chance we get!

The Nerds and Nina at Social Beauty Live


Why go to such exhaustive lengths to stalk Nina Kovner? Because we have never spent 5 minutes with her and NOT learned something.  Whether it is personal or business development… the fact remains,  Nina teaches us more in a day than others do in years.  #InstaAwesome   Plus, we think she is pretty rad and her puppies are the cutest!


Go play with PassionSquared deep in the heart of Texas and leave the World’s Fair  Show with knowledge you will use everyday in your business.  Social Beauty Live is a VIP presentation and reception where Nina will empower you in the WHY behind social + digital,  what exactly all these platforms are, which ones you should be using and how to become more discoverable.  We all want new clients to be able to find us, right?




Don’t worry you won’t have to torture anyone to get on the list or sneak around the bushes of Nina’s house to score an invite…  Just e-mail  and RSVP the number of seats you will need.   Yeah… not only is it that easy, but you can also bring your shear slingin’ besties! Everything is better with other Hair Nerds.




Did we mention the wine and cheese?  Like you needed another reason to hang out with awesome friends and empower your life….  We can’t wait to see your adventures on instagram!!


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