Often, we are asked… “What is the best thing about being a #HairNerd?”  Obviously, the list goes on and on… But I can honestly say, getting to chat with so many hair obsessed stylists makes our world go round. This daily dose of passion and excitement is the motivation that keeps us doing what we do. When we got to know one of these stylist named Michelle Patton, and heard her obsessive tale, we knew she and the gorgeous Jules Togini needed to be shared. When Michelle Patton isn’t writing about surfing the web, she spends her daily as an Artistic Educator for Pureology Serious Color Care, the Lead Educator of Design at Elan Salon- NJ.  Enjoy Michelle’s stalkerish Hair-Venture and get out there and do some stalking of your own! ~ The Hair Nerds xo

A Little Bit About Me… 


I am always creative, but not always aware of my niche.  So I, along with lots of high school grads, I went off to college.  Yet it wasn’t ‘IT”.  Found Love, had a beautiful baby boy and continued on what I thought was the right road.  Until I was introduced to ‘HAIR DRESSING”.  I had decided not to go back to the stuffy business world after my son.  So why not a few hours answering phones at a friends salon?  
This is where it gets corny….
I finally knew then what Hermey … (you know the dentist from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer), felt like when he found the “Land of Misfit Toys”.  
There it was, the PASSION  that was burning for so long, but didn’t know where to find it!!??  I have been” Hair Obsessed ever since!!  My commitment to education has led my on a broad and expansive journey to learn along side some of the most talented stylists in our industry.  My passion for our craft becomes contagious,  mentoring younger stylists, inspiring them and encouraging those around me to step outside the box and get uncomfortable….uncomfortable enough for true growth!   I have been behind the chair for just over 10 years.  I am the Lead Educator of a Salon that has been in Salon Today three years in a row for top 200 and just in for Trendspotting 2013.  I also educate for Pureology Serious Color Care, which give me the ability to share my love of hairdressing with others!  Always pushing the boundaries and striving to grow myself

I am a Hair Gamer… 

I have a 15 year old son…add technology with You Tube and Xbox, and you have yourself generation ‘Gamer’.  The hours spent watching other people game is even of interest to these boys.  Which got me thinking, why not HAIR GAME? I mean, I could totally be a n00b (more gamer talk).  I am SUPER passionate about our industry and watching someone cut hair with finesse and grace like butta’ actually gets my internal fire all lit up!
My ‘Hair Gamming” is where all my inspiration comes from and would love the opportunity to share what I find with those who truely are ‘ Hair nerds’. I find that just because you do hair, doesnt mean you sleep eat and drink it like some of us do.  I sometimes find that my roaring fire of passion turns hairdressers off who aren’t passionate, so in turn , I quite my flame….. But who does that serve??  Not me, and not those who love a good fire poke of passion!!  
So this n00b and her laptop spend some time everyday checking out all the hair news.  I see something incredible and I instantly hit the social network and the hair stalking begins.  Some may call it stalking, but I call it connection.;) With the aid of all the social network markets, I now look for it for my daily fuel. 

A Gamers Dream…

Each one leads me to another and another and next thing you know the fires raging!  I am hair obsessed with the European market right now.  During a daily night of Hair Gaming, I stumbled on this guy, Jules Togini.    


Now, I have been hair stalking, I mean following him for some time but he recently just won the 2013 Men’s Hairdresser of the year.  The Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards are the longest running and most respected in the industry in Australia and New Zeland.  They represent the pinnacle of hairdressing excellence in the southern hemisphere.

One of the winning looks.


But here’s where he got me…..

  Lets take a moment and just breathe in some of this guys awesomeness…..

Wait…Let me pick my jaw off the floor….

Jules has won a number of prestigious national awards and is International Ambassador for EVO Hair.  His salon, AKA Togninis is in Fortitude Valley Australia.  Gotta love a man from down under!  And after those pics, I think I’m in hair LOVE! 


In a recent interview he did with Refinery magazine, he spoke about how he wants to teach up & comers how to snip, style and paint their way into the industry.  “I want them to embrace the industry and realize that getting into this crazy intense ridiculously incredible world is a lifestyle choice, not just a 9-5 job.  It doesn’t have to be about perming old granny’s hair or having to do just a trim.  It should be radical, innovative and always evolving.  We should make those grannies feel like they are 21 and dancing on the tables again.”  Since he was also recently nominated for “Newest Creative Force” as well, I know we’ll be seeing a bit more of this amazingly talented gentleman. As for this Hair Gaming  n00b, I’ll be “surfing the web” (or at least that what we called it way back when) for more hair to share!

Ok…. That was hot….I think I need a cigarette!    

~ Michelle Patton


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