When it comes to the Academy Awards, Hair Nerds only have one thing on their minds… The lovely Sherri Jessee was kind enough to give us a hands on tutorial for this year’s hottest styles to grace the red carpet. Be sure and check out Sherri’s blog and stalk her on a regular basis… because you know we will!! 

With a unique feminine approach to beauty, Sherri Jessee is one of the most desired, yet easily approachable internationally renowned hair and makeup artists. With over 20 years of experience as a successful salon owner, stylist, and platform artist, Sherri has amazing talent in hair, makeup, and fashion editorial work. Combined knowledge gleaned through a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and extensive field-work make her a well-recognized guru for all things beauty and fashion. Widely quoted as an industry expert, with hair and makeup work featured in hundreds of acclaimed print publications as well as online including Cosmopolitan, OK!, Beauty Entertainment, Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide, Fox News and MTV Style. She also collaborates with hair product Rusk as an elite member of their Creative Team. When she isn’t jet setting to Sydney, Mumbai or Milan, Sherri can be found in her Intercoiffure salon in Bristol, Virginia.


Emma Stone: Awesome Auburn Chignon

1.  Prepare the canvas for a long lasting up-style. Distribute a small amount of a styling cream to create hold and shine and blow dry with a round brush.

2.  Create a deep side part and sweep fringe across forehead. Using a soft bristle brush, smooth back and secure in a pony-tail at the occipital.

3.  Split the pony tail into two to three sections: A and B and C.

4.  Distribute a small egg sized amount of mousse to section A to smooth flyways and create added hold and control.

5.  Take section A and pin it a few inches up and away from the pony tail.

6.  Continue working with section A and now pin it a few inches below the pony-tail (creating a zig zag effect).

7.  Tuck under and secure the ends using a few U- Pins.

8.  Repeat the process with sections B and C using your creativity as you loop and pin the sections to create an elegant knotted chignon. Spray the entire set with hairspray for excellent hold and shine.



Penelope Cruz: Decadent Chocolate Waves

1. A terrific way to change up your look with out sacrificing your length is to create a Faux Bob.  Distribute a small amount of texturing cream throughout your hair and blow dry.

2. Curl small sections of your hair on a 1 1/4″ ceramic curling iron. Clip each curl and allow to cool.

3. Remove clips and brush hair with boar bristle brush and form the curls into waves.

4. If your hair is long, you can twist the back section up and tuck it under and secure with bobby pins to create a shorter shape.

5. Spray with a touchable firm holding hairspray.









Michelle Williams: Buttery Blonde Pixie

1.  A great hair cut and color is the basis of this stylish coif.

2.  Achieve a beautiful buttery blonde with a high lift blonde like RUSK Deepshine Super Lightener.

3.  Cut with texturizing scissors like the RUSK Beta blades. (For fast cuts, RUSK Beta Blades create the perfect   texture and simultaneously remove length.)

4.  Apply a small amount of a smoothing oil and finger style in place.








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Sherri Jessee:  I drove 2 hours in a blizzard to find an open airport to fly to California to work with Irvine and Louise Rusk.

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