Don’t go into #NAHA2013 blind…  Research is a key ingredient in efficient stalking.  If you want to call yourself a Hair Nerd,  then you better brush up on this year’s NAHA knowledge and be ready to go into full #NerdStalking mode at any second. Allow us to help you  fully prepare for the awards show with this three part series.

The North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) is the most prestigious photographic beauty competition in North America, celebrating the artistry and skill of the professional salon industry. Each year, individuals are recognized in 14 categories of excellence during a star-studded Awards Ceremony. Join us as we honor the dedication and skill of the artists who have inspired us.

Avant Garde

PBA says: Submit visionary work demonstrating new or experimental concepts in expressive, cutting-edge hair. Entries should reflect good taste and aesthetically pleasing images. This is not a fantasy category but a display of fashion forward, unique and edgy styles.


Matt Swinney

Twitter: @Lanza

Creative Director for L’Anza Healing Haircare



Nicholas French

Twitter: @FrenchNicholas



Jake Thompson

Twitter: @JThompsonhair

Instagram: Jakethompson1

Official #NerdStalking : Jake Thompson Interview

Co-Owner of Lunatic Fringe {Sugar House}



Michael Albor/ Donna Hamilton 

Twitter: @donnahamlton

Instagram: The_loft_salon





Martin Alarie

hairbrained profile




Contemporary Classics


PBA says: Show off your skill with wearable commercial styles in haircutting and finishing designed to complement the individuality of the model. Entrants should focus on updating a very classic look. The winner of this category will receive a Vidal Sassoon endorsed award.


Charlie Price


Instagram: Charlierpricehair

Official #NerdStalking: Charlie Price Interview



Ammon Carver


Facebook: Ammon Carver – Hairstylist



Timothy Switzer

Twitter: @TimothySwitzer

HairBrained Profile


Geno Chapman

Twitter:  @GenoChapman



Hope Doms


Instagram: Hopedoms

HairBrained Profile





PBA says: Submit your best published cover or editorial work. Work must be published in a consumer publication, defined as a popular consumer media magazine available for purchase on newsstands. Editorial entries submitted from industry publications will be disqualified. In addition to the standard NAHA entry and release forms, Editorial Stylist entries must be accompanied by the Editorial Stylist Entry Information Form, signed by the publication’s editor.


Maryl Velbeck 

HairBrained Profile


Dennis Cooper

HairBrained Profile




Charlie Price


Instagram: Charlierpricehair

Official #NerdStalking: Charlie Price Interview

 HairBrained Profile


Michael Albor

Instagram: The_loft_salon

HairBrained Profile


Sherri Jessee 

Twitter: @SherriJessee

Instagram: Sherrijessee

Hair Nerd Features: Sherri Jessee

Upcoming Education: California Editorial Bridal Styling Class

Hairbrained Profile

Hair Color


PBA says: Submit your three before-and-after designs showing off your eye for the perfect palette and coloring techniques. All haircolor must be performed by the stylist named on the entry form. No color manipulation of photography is allowed. Before images must be taken the day of color service, with the same background and draping for each model. In addition to the standard NAHA entry and release forms, Haircolor entries must be accompanied by the Haircolor Technical Information Form, indicating the natural texture and level, the formula(s) and process(es) used, and a diagram of color placement.


Sue Pemberton


Instagram: SuePemberton

Official #NerdStalking: Sue Pemberton Interview

#TurnHeads Competition

Hairbrained Profile


Robert Banyaga


HairBrained Profile



Silas Tsang 

Official #NerdStalking: Silas Tsang Interview



Jennifer Roskey




DeAnnalyn Teal

Facebook: The TealsTwitter: @Happy_henri

Instagram:  d_teal1

Official #NerdStalking: The Teals Interview

HairVenture to see DeAnnalyn Teal

** Also,  be sure and check out Professor Hair-itage and brush up on your hairdresser history!



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