Most of the time it seems we have a negative view of State Board, mostly because they leave us with hefty fines and our heart rate up a few beats. We talked to our friend Carleen Sanchez in Reno, NV who opened up her own home based salon and found that State Board can be a HUGE help and make future interactions a pleasant visit.” Employees of state board are people to and just like us they want to be treated kindly and with respect. A little happiness and friendly smile go along way.” – Carleen Sanchez




What were your initial fears about opening your own at-home salon?

I was scared that guests and myself would miss the big bustling salon environment and wouldn’t feel comfortable.


Did you find anything surprising about working with state board?

They were so helpful in coming over preconstruction, middle and at the end. I asked them to look over my architects plans to make sure everything was legitimate to save on mistakes that would have to be fixed later on. I asked them questions and they were very helpful.




3 pieces of advice you would give someone wanting to open an at-home salon?

Make sure you check with your city zoning to see if you can have a home salon this is different than state board.

Ask state board to  look at the space you are converting and get help with planning.

Make sure everything you do is legal. Have insurance and measures to protect your investment including a start and end date with your contractor.




Is there a fee for State Board to come and look over build-out?

It is Free in the state of Nevada (check with your state about fee’s)


Did you ever feel in-over-your-head throughout the whole experience?

Construction messes are pretty tiresome. It always takes at least an extra month to finish the job. Getting used to the new flow of where things are is a learning process.




How do you feel your relationship with State Board is after your experience?

I respect and thanked the State Board Agent that helped me and it’s always a pleasant interaction.





Each state may have different rules and regulations. Make sure to contact your State Board with any questions you may have about your salon or if you are thinking about opening a salon. They’re always a good place to start to get your questions answered. If you are concerned your salon may not be up to State Board standard, you can call them and have them come audit you WITHOUT the worry of getting fined. It’s a helpful way to keep yourself up to code and building that relationship into a happy one!