Stephanie Goranson
Creative Director
Sexy Hair


Where are you originally from?

Los Angeles…The Valley, baby!


How long have you been in professional beauty?

26 years


What was your first job in professional beauty?

My first job was with Abba Hair Care as a graphic designer!


What’s so great about professional beauty and why?

Without a doubt, THE most creative and interesting people work in this industry. For all of us, it’s not just a job it’s a passion and a lifestyle. I love it!


What one trait do all successfully awesome stylists share?

Stellar stylists love what they do every single day and they definitely change people’s lives with their talent


What are the key roles and responsibilities of a Creative Director?

Design all the “stuff” that represents the image of the brand. Direct photo-shoots, present new creative ideas and solutions for each project, manage a team of designers and production artists, design for the web, design packaging and, on top of all that, take the vision of each team and make it so visually exciting that our customers have to have it!


I’m somebody who wants to do your job. What’s the most important thing to know/skill to have? Why?

Listen to what your co-worker, who is technically the client, is saying and be flexible. The answer and solution to the problem is always there. You just need to listen.


Who or what inspires you? Why?

Everything inspires me (you just have to open your eyes and pay attention), but my dad was my biggest inspiration in the world. He always told me that being a designer is not your job, it’s your life and your passion. You live it each day. I love what I do and it is definitely my passion!


Illustrator or Photoshop? Why?

Hello! Photoshop is my fave! Love to design in layers and using filters is the coolest.


How do you describe your personal style?

I’m all about funky, bright colors and fun 80’s, Rock ‘n Roll style…with a little touch of traditional passion and romance at the same time.


How important is personal style in professional beauty and why?

Very, very important! This industry is all about style! It’s what we do! Also, in this industry, it’s important to have your own, personal points of difference. The world of professional beauty is definitely not a typical career or lifestyle. It’s an industry where the more genuinely creative you are, the better. That’s part of what makes it so great! You can be you.


Any other advice for pro-beauty newbies?

Be passionate and love what you do. Be nice, respectful and never burn a bridge. This industry is a revolving door of people you will always see again and again…and again.


Personal Mantra?

Other than nature, everything else on the planet has to be designed. Designers rock!


Sexy Hair product you can’t live without?

Curling Gel, Spray and Stay and Weatherproof. I never leave home without ‘em!