August is National Hair Loss Awareness month, so we cornered Hair Nerd Bestie, Dev Rice, to chat about Bosley Professional. What we love about the company and products is that they are really for EVERYONE. Don’t be fooled these high powered products come from a team of hairdressers with HUGE hearts. Get in the know!

Bosley Professional has a major base of celebrity hairdressers who love and use the products, but we are really loving your new “Stylists Love Bosley” feature.  Can you tell us a bit more about it?

I’m glad you’re loving the campaign as much as we do! The campaign features real hairstylists in their salons talking about their favorite Bosley Pro products. It seems pretty simple, but I think it’s so effective because oftentimes the actual working stylists is a little forgotten. There’s no way that we as a company could ever forget the everyday working stylist. As a small, entrepreneurial company, they sustain us. The challenging part has been to fly all over in order to stay true to the campaign…we’ve shot stylists in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Chicago and we’re off to shoot stylists in Atlanta next. But, it’s very important to us as a company that we follow through on our commitments, that we stay true to who we are and that we always keep the stylist as a focus.


We love how inclusive Bosley is in the industry. Why was it so important to you to feature real stylists and salon owners who love Bosley?

You know, we are in a unique position within our industry, as we are very closely aligned with our sister company Bosley, Inc, the world’s most recognized hair restoration experts, and yet, as I said above, we are also still independently owned. Much like stylists out there, we know what it’s like to run an entrepreneurial business and the hard work that it entails, so we wanted to celebrate them, the people who are actually in the salon, behind-the-chair, doing the work. We know that if our loyal stylists weren’t using and recommending our products, we wouldn’t be here. We recognize and appreciate everything that stylists do and we wanted to recognize them for it.


Our Bosley obsession is the dry shampoo. Is there a product that seems to be an overwhelming favorite among hairdressers?

It’s funny that you say that, because EVERYONE who tries our Dry Shampoo becomes addicted to it. Depending on what type of work the stylist is doing, there seem to be different favorites. On-set stylists love our Hair Thickening Fibers. They’re natural Keratin fibers, they adhere to the hair shaft and they’re a quick cover up. After that, all stylists seem to love our Rebalancing & Finishing Treatment and our Texturizing Spray. If the stylist is helping someone who is thinning or experiencing hair loss, there’s no better product then our 30day kits…oh, and people everywhere are a little obsessed with our Follicle Energizer, especially in salons where there is a lot of extension work being done.


We were introduced to Bosley several years ago and honestly shocked at the line’s range.  Do you think this is common?

I think that people are often surprised at how comprehensive our line is for sure. When you are talking quality of hair issues, you need to be able to address all of the individual customer’s needs, from prevention and regrowth, to styling and cover-ups. We do pride ourselves on being fairly simple to understand and simple to recommend, though.  All of our products address a specific need and we only launch products that meet specific needs as well. We have some great things coming down the pipeline!


What is one thing you wish people knew about Bosley Professional?

That we arose from the need, in partnership with Bosley, Inc., to address thinning hair and quality of hair issues at the salon level. That we aren’t some remote, large entity that makes disconnected decisions. We are smaller, nimble and stylist-inclusive, a team of real people doing our best to deliver quality products to stylists and select beauty retailers, so that people for whom fine/thinning/weak hair is an issue can feel better about themselves again. We see you.