After taking Steve Elias’  Blondes to Bombshells {ISSE Preview Class},  I was invited to assist Steve with his newest feature for Tantalum Magazine.

If you aren’t familiar with Tantalum, you should be!

 TANTALUM is difficult to isolate, in nature it’s usually found accompanied by another compound chemically similar but uniquely different. Fashion editorials bring together a diverse team of creatives, all different but united with the goal of producing a singular artistic vision. Tantalum celebrates the creative collaboration of all the artists involved in unique fashion and beauty imagery. Tantalum will feature stunning stories with in depth interviews, insights and tips from some of the leading artists in their field.

The concept was an AIDS Awareness special complete with RED couture gowns, and I knew I would hate myself forever if I passed up this opportunity.  So I withdrew from the ” Mother of the Year” competition and skipped the first couple of days of our yearly Pismo family vacation.  (oops)

Bidding my husband and children farewell, I headed for San Francisco with sparkling lemon water (Steve’s favorite) in hand.

Acquerello Restaurant  in San Francisco, Ca. was our venue for the shoot.  The layout of this space was gorgeous.  Thrilled to see  one of my favorite photographers, Billy Winters, on set we all began…

 Jonathan’s make-up arsenal was heavenly.  He was an absolute genius when it came  to producing a look that would portray the vision.


Jonathan Mendez workin’  his magic.


 You are never too old to play dress up, especially when your dresses are all worth a few grand each!


This two man technique was so fun.  We twisted her hair into beatiful ropes and gave her hair a “glass” like finish.


 Final touches for the next look… I never tire from hanging out with Steve.  He is truly the most approachable, humble artist I know.

I left with new skills I know I will use again in the future.


 Konrad & Dusty were the wardroble stylists on set.

Take a look at the final layout  BARONESS

 Tantalum Magazine