Creative types often get a lot of flack for starting amazing projects but failing to follow through with them. There are always a lot of announcements like “BIG things coming”…”Stay tuned for our upcoming awesomeness”. Then a few weeks or months later things fizzle out.

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As I sit here on the 5th anniversary of The Hair Nerds, I have to wonder… what keeps us from continuing these passion projects?

To say that things have always been rose colored in The Hair Nerd Universe would be the ultimate lie. Even the most devoted Hair Nerd struggles with moments of doubt. I can’t tell you how many times we have wondered if all the time and money we spend on this site is worth it. We question if people actually gain value following our adventures and reading our tales of stalking our favorite artists.

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What keeps us going is the emails from students who share their own fears about the industry, ask us for guidance with finding a salon or entering a competition.

When we started this site 5 years ago, I was working at a hair school and while I was helping my students everyday, I felt like there was more… something bigger.

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Now we reach thousands of students and stylists each year, we have become a resource and community for the people who were just a bit more excited than their fellow classmates… the hairdressers who are hungry for education and involvement in this wonderful world.

We have changed a lot over the last 5 years and we are still evolving, but what we know for sure is that The Hair Nerds are here to stay because it is a part of our very being.

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It will never be easy to do more and be more, but we encourage you to stick with your dreams and keep pushing. In the end, it is worth it… so worth it.