hairnerd birthday party and cupcakes

The Nerd’s second year has been an absolute whirlwind.  While there have been a ton of changes this year,  one thing remains the same… we are just as in love and mesmerized by this incredible industry now as we were Day 1.

Two years ago, the concept of The Hair Nerds was born. We were on a flight home from TrendVision in Hollywood, CA and began jotting notes down on our IPad. We wanted to create a Revolution… a place where people could be as excited about our industry as we are… A home for fellow Hair Nerds, if you will.

Every time we get on the plane at the end of a Hair-Venture, Carrie and I look at each other and gush,” Ok I know we have said this before, but SERIOUSLY if we had only gone on one trip this year… THIS was definitely the one! Best. Trip. Ever.”    That is the thing about being a Hair Nerd.. things just get better and better.


We have spent the last two years immersing ourselves in our favorite thing—The Professional Beauty Industry.   Whether we are following people into the bathroom (sorry Faatemah!) or sneaking into the NAHA ballroom during setup,  we appreciate that there are people out there just like us who spend a couple minutes of their day following our crazy antics.


Show Season

We kicked off our 2nd year at ISSE Midwest in Chicago followed by judging a Hair Wars competition at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

After a quick Holiday celebration with the #HairBabies…


It was back to our stalking ways as we prepared for ISSE Long Beach where we stumbled upon an impromptu class being given in Randy Taylor’s room.


We also may have taken the stalking a bit too far by holding JoshXO hostage at the show.



Rounding out show season we hit up ABS in Chicago,


Premiere Orlando, Cosmoprof North America in Vegas, and the San Jose Spring Style Show and McCall Armstrong World’s Fair where PassionSquared presented Social Beauty Live.


We adore the shows because it is similar to a #HairFamily Reunion. All our favorite friends traveling from all over the country to be together.


Our Top 5 Most Memorable Experiences This Year:


  • There was a moment right as the opening ceremony of  The Gathering began.. and the air was electric.  You could almost touch the excitement it was so real. 

To see thousands of stylists just as pumped to be in this industry as we are was amazing. It felt like a family in every sense of the word. By the end of the day, we were exhausted Nerds but the whole weekend was exhilirating.

  • NYFW–  Carrie and I just looked at each other as we waited for the runway show to begin and I could read her mind, “ How the hell did we get here?”.  The entire week was intensely surreal.  I am still trying to wrap my head around it!
  • Being surrounded by all the people we love at TrendVision is such an intense experience.  We’ve known Brenton for years and to see him succeeding in such a huge way is incredible.  Not to mention Tori Smallwood was there with a Hair {School} Nerd friend.  Anytime we get to hang with Fabio Sementilli, Nick Berardi, Reuben Carranza, Stephen Moody, Traci Sakosits and the HB family in one night it is a success.
  • The entire trip to Lisa Vann and Friends with Ted Gibson, Jason Backe and Stephen Dimmick.  The presentation was both entertaining and inspiring but the mutual respect and admiration you can tell the Ted Gibson team has for each other was truly touching.  During the finale, I remember thinking this is why I do this… this feeling in this moment is what makes me a Hair Nerd.
  • All the moments of friendship we experience.. it is insane to me that Nina Kovner hosts us everytime we are in LA, that John McCormick will drive to NorCal to hang out,  The Teals invite the #HairHusband to go bourbon tasting in Portland,  we get to hang by the pool with all our HB friends or go on a cheeseburger date with Brig Van Osten…  I have to pinch myself every day because I can’t believe this is my life and I get to be friends with these people.

cheeseburger date



  • Being invited to Oribe Backstage LaFama was by far one of my best 2013 moments… Having gone to Backstage Las Vegas and already in love, then getting whisked away to the Oribe Canales Holy Ground was quite overwhelming. I swear that man floats when he walks and has a presence like no other.
  • The Infamous- Moody Meltdown: While at ISSE Long Beach, Erin tells me we are going to do a couple of video interviews.  However, she failed to mention Stephen Moody was going to be one of them! I instantly started sweating profusely and had a mild anxiety attack.  He arrived as charming and gracious as ever and I die…. 

    In the midst of my breakdown, Russel Mayes, the Interviewing Nerd Whisperer talked me off the ledge while Megan Newell  powdered my nose and gave me just the pep talk I needed!

    My favorite moment was when it was all over and I removed my finger nails from Stephen’s back… I say “Oh Stephen…I was sooo nervous” he looks at me and says “Oh Carrie, I was the one that was truly nervous” I called him a liar and have loved him since! The worst most wonderful experience of my life! Lol
  • As Erin and I took the ride up the Ceasar Tower elevator to John Paul’s room…(with the striking Angus Mitchell BTW) We kinda got a little geeked out. Once we entered the suite we realized how modest he truly was. Yes the suite was beautiful and large…but it wasn’t the top of the top and he greeted each and everyone of us with a warm greeting and Patron shots! I remember looking over at Erin and speaking to her telepathically “I can’t believe this is happening right now!”


  • Watching the TrendVision Awards this year was pretty impactful for both Erin and I. Our third time present, and being that it is our official milestone of Nerdiness, we kinda had a moment and reflected on our blessings. We get to live our days meeting the most interesting and knowledgable people of the industry while sharing with the like minded Hair Nerds in the social media space. We never get tired of the fun stories and amazing experiences our followers share with us and look forward to more to come! #HairNerdsUnite


  • Tori Smallwood~ We were invited to cover the Nick Education Star student contest winner, Tori Smallwood’s, live shoot. Nick Berardi, Diego Raviglone and Pete Nyguyen were all on hand to share their skills in the most amazing venue Janine Jarman constructed for her creative flow. It was now this hub of awesomeness that has artistic action daily. Tori was so fun and super excited to be there. She was open to constructive criticism and eager to learn her eye behind the lens producing a beautiful bob and gorgeous pictures shot by Nick. I always love to root for someone and she is definitely one of those people I am pulling for. We spent the day assisting her with whatever she needed while having Hair Nerd Havoc fun!




Whether we were creeping on the prep for ARROJO Expo, meeting the Mascolo Family at the Toni & Guy Academy or attending  The Creative Arts Daytime Emmys … you can bet we cherish each experience!



You may have also noticed some new faces on the site, this year.  We recently added Intern Heather to our team.  Her excitement and enthusiasm allows us to constantly see the world through fresh eyes.  If you haven’t met Heather, yet; you will.  ( I like that she is a Red Head, too.  Go #TeamGinger!!)




Thank you for being apart of our lives for the last two years… There are no words for the gratitude we feel!

Nerds in Love

A HUGE thank you to:

Each and every incredibly talented artist we have been fortunate enough to meet and interview. Thanks for putting up with our super stalking.

The Hair Husbands- Tim Short, your support and encouragement allows us to live our dreams every single day.  Mark Adkins,  your unique perspective brings value and laughter to our lives.

Our awesome monthly contributors- Fabio Sementilli (Fab Fridays),  Ryan Teal (Professor Hairitage) and Dev Rice (Beauty in the Background).   Your passion for this industry inspires our journey daily.

Nina Kovner & Gordon Miller-  Our “Hairy God Parents” empower us to create awesome and talk us down when we are on the verge of a hair meltdown.  Your love and advice will last us a lifetime.

Most importantly.. anyone who has ever read The Hair Nerds. It means the world that you care even a tiny bit about anything we say or do… #HairNerdsForLife !