When Toni & Guy tweeted an invite to their blogger event (don’t you just love the internet?)  during the Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference,  we immediately booked a last minute flight to LA.


Toni & Guy invited fashion and beauty bloggers to experience an extensive service menu at their Santa Monica Academy location.  We knew we would love the blow outs and such, but we were really excited to #NerdStalk the stylists and students in attendance.


Spring/Summer Beauty Forecast

Opting to forego a traditional hotel, we feverishly text Nina Kovner, co-founder of Passion Squared, and begged her to let us visit.   Let this be a word to the wise.. when you even pretend to like The Hair Nerds, we get all crazy stalker and start showing up at your house uninvited!

Nina was kind enough to let us borrow her Passionista Prius and we were on our way to the event in rush hour traffic.

About 50 minutes into our 11.2 mile journey we started to panic! Would we make it there in time? Would armored guards at the front door scold us and then send us packing because we missed our appointment?  We were headed into a full Nerd Meltdown, but the English gentleman who lives inside our GPS talked us down and reminded us we would arrive, shortly.


Once we actually made it to the Academy,  we were handed glasses of champagne and whisked inside to our appointments… first up, blowouts!  Amanda and her stylist talked extensions and photo shoots, while Erin grilled the student washing her hair about her experience at the school.  If anyone will tell you the truth, it is a student!!


What was really impressive to us was every single person we talked to had incredibly positive things to say and not in a weird, “They will kick me out if I don’t say this” sort of way.

Art director, Lindsay Baker, styled Erin’s hair and they discussed the ins and outs of advanced education at Toni & Guy,  how they involved students in events and what a stylist could expect when they join the Toni & Guy family.

It was all we could do not to call our Hair Husbands and tell them to start packing because we needed to move to Santa Monica, stat!

We were feeling pretty good about things at this point, but then Bruno and Zak Mascolo stood up and said a few words about the history and culture of Toni & Guy.   We zeroed in on our prey and planned the attack!

*Nerd Note- We plan on stalking Zak Mascolo, asap… because as you know; no one is ever really safe from The Hair Nerds..


Last February, we spent a weekend in Portland with The Teals and took Ryan’s “History of Hairdressing” Class.  So we were familiar with the story of the Mascolo Family, but to have two members present … well, who can pass up an opportunity like that?!

After a quick introduction, we started quizzing Bruno Mascolo ,CEO,  and Paul Joseph Marzioli, Vice President of Partnership Salons, about how things began at Toni & Guy.  Paul Joseph was kind enough to escort us to the entrance and show us the book , ” The Story of Toni & Guy and TIGI Bed Head”, which chronicles the family’s #Hair-itage.

Then we glance to our left and it it a living history wall that tells the entire story! We could have stayed there for HOURS!!  Paul Joseph regaled us with stories and pointed out his pictures.  It was literally Hair Nerd Heaven.

For us it isn’t about the services provided or the products sold, we live for education.   We were  impressed with the facility and commitment to nurturing future and current Hair Nerds.  It is no wonder we connected with these amazing individuals!

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