Once upon a time, at a hair show far, far away you would find two #HairNerds who loved to travel from show to show and class to class…never sharing their #HairVenture shenanigans with the world. Then one day at TrendVision 2011, the adventure seemed to top others of the past… turning our experience into a must read for all of our Hair Nerd friends. We built a site, continued to travel to any event we could and most importantly shared our love for the amazing artists in the industry we are so passionate about! Two years later, we still feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who love the industry as much as we do!  We want to Thank You for all of your #HairNerdLove and support! ~ The Hair Nerds xo 

Feels Like the First Time…


We started our day refueling and rehydrating after a night of VIP partying at the Mega Party.  Once the blood sugar balanced we were off to get a sneak peek of all the TrendVision backstage prep. Although it had a chaotic feel, everyone had their task handled, moving swiftly with purpose…

July27 2013 305

Overwhelmed by all the talent and amazing hair tricks happening right before our eyes, I looked over at Intern Heather to share my enthusiasm . As I watched her eyes widened with excitement, I realized this was her very first time being backstage…EVER!

Her excitement was intoxicating and made me relive my first backstage experience all over again. Then I told her to calm down and get it together…we had some stalking to do…


We first came across Sebastian teammates Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey.  They never stopped smiling!


We stood here for awhile… I mean, really? Mark Hayes and Traci Sakosits of Sassoon…wouldn’t you?


More Sebastian magic with the handsome Hans Nilsson and the beautiful Sarah Merrie.


Joey Scandizzo making his final touches for his collection

 Show Prep

Wella Wizard Michael Haase.


You can’t call yourself a true Sebastianite until you have your badass backcombing brush…in your beard? Anthony Cress needed to rest those hard working Hairdini hands… but refused to put his beloved tool down.


How cool is this shot of Mark Hayes in action…. Randy Taylor, you’re a badass!


Realizing time was not on our side, we rushed back to get done up for our big night. Oh…but don’t worry Erin and Intern Heather, I live to give you sexy hair. Who cares how mine looks…it’s only Trend Vision???? SMH!

It’s Time…

After a full day of stalking backstage, we got ready and headed down to the show. When the elevator opened… SURPRISE! SarahMerrie  was inside waiting for us. Part of the fun of going to big events like this is having the constant ability to have moments like this to chat it up with all your favorites. Look at my sad hair… Sad smile But Erin’s looks amazing! lol

 July27 2013 328

We struck a pose with studio beauties Richelle Evans and Lynette Tatum by the entrance to the show. Then B-Lined to the P&G Champagne Fountains.


Instead of cigars & cigarettes, this cigarette girl was offering up Oil Reflections, Shaper Hairspray along with a vanity.  With all that champagne flowing.. you needed a little back up to keep those locks in check!  Just another example of the details put into the evening.

Let’s just say we became besties with this one and she most likely started to hide from us towards the end of the night… I mean Oil Reflections smells like heaven… or “Hot Sex” as one of my clients describes it! True story! haha

July27 2013 316

After our champagne glasses were half full we mingled to all the brand booths to see the hair stars in action.  We stopped by the Sebastian booth first and found Luis Payne being his charismatic self breaking down some knowledge to the on looking stylists.


The sculptress… Traci Sakosits!

July27 2013 362

Erin and I had one of those moments of reflection at this moment… it may have gotten a little sappy… But worth it! Best #Hairwife eva! haha

July 31 046

#ThrowBack Pic – TrendVision 2011


After we chased Sally Shoen down we got a shot… BTW… did you know she’s got some dance moves! Lookout for her on the dance floor!

Rueben and Fabio

The night started with Rueben Carranza and Fabio Sementilli kicking off the show with positive words and a Vegas infused video to pump the crowd.


The Rat Pack took to stage and gave that touch of class to the opener


Sassoon unleashed their power on the crowd…


Traci Sakosits and Mark Hayes blew it up!


Shay Dempsey didn’t hold back with his dark but sexy model…


One of our favs…

Hans Nilsson has a way of displaying his work in such a seductive way

Another ridic piece! Look out! Counting the days till the Sebastian Blue Sapphire Cellophane hits the shelves!

Take a bow boyz! Mark Polsenelli, Shay Dempsey & Hans Nilsson

Joey Scandizzo’s collection had a tribal edge.

The hair was flawless with detail and feeling

She scares me…yet I wanted to be her

Sacrifice or style change…

The finale was visually stimulating. The colors danced with each other bringing the model to life

After the presentations the competition took center stage.  The winners were announced and the after party began! We knew tonight was gonna be amazing so we needed to get to stalking while the stalking was good!

(Winners Announced Below)

Geeze… I wonder who dominated the social media wall. Could it be The Hair Nerds?! ….Brenton Lee, one of our back in the day besties helped us gather our proof !

International Trend Vision winner, Philip Ferreira and educator extraordinaire, Annie Leibman!

While the after party was in full swing we found the Sebastian team backstage!

Hair Nerd Erin, Janine Jarman, Hair Nerd Carrie, Sarah Merrie, Anthony Cress, Diva Paulos, Megan Newell and Christina McCarver

Although I had nothing to do with the creation of this look…. they needed powder! And when Sonya Dove asks for some powder, you jump in and deliver!

Back in the mix, we found Top Wella Stylist Alexandra Matiz creating beauty at the Wella booth


Clariol had that sexy classy vibe they do so well

Brenton Lee always = A good time!

We hung with the Bellus Academy girls Rena Sugarman and Tori Smallwood.

Always fun to see Reuben Carranza at a party!

And the Winners Are…




Bronze: Lisa Bryant – Hairroin Salon (Hollywood, CA)
Silver: Mariah Joseph – Blaze Color Salon (Coralville, IA)
Gold: Rose Marie Corpuz – UMBRELLA Salon (San Jose, CA)

We had the pleasure of hanging out with Mariah Joseph! We heart her!

Bronze: Fernando Monge – Heady Candy (Toronto, ON)
Silver: Sabrina Tremblay – Toque & Cie (Victoriaville, QC)
Gold: Lucy Zemba – Cavana Inn and Spa (Orillia, ON)


Bronze: A. J. Arleen Ledezma – Gadabout Salon Spas (Tucson, AZ)
Silver: Heather McGowen – Planet Salon (Beverly Hills, CA)
Gold: Shirley Gordon – Strands Hair Salon (Wheaton, MD)



Bronze: Damien Carvery – Texture Hair Boutique (Ottawa, ON)
Silver: Alina Friesen – A Michael Levine Salon Group (Vancouver, BC)
Gold: Fay Linksman – P&H Salon and Spa (Toronto, ON)


Bronze: Courtney Michaelis – Bellus Academy (Poway, CA)
Silver: Day Tresvant – Beau Monde Academy (Portland, OR)
Gold: Tiffany Bernard – Citrus Community College (Glendora, CA)

Special “Thanks” for the amazing photos by the one and only Randy Taylor / Co-Founder of Hairbrained

For more of his beautiful shots click here!