Known as the hairdresser’s hairdresser, Vivienne Mackinder is one of the most highly respected international leaders and innovators in the hairdressing profession today. Vivienne is driven by her mission not only to continually hone her own artistry and creativity, but to uplift the spirit and the image of the profession as well.



What inspired the collection that has been nominated for Master Stylist? Was it shot specifically for NAHA?

The collection was shot as part of a photographic work shop at my HDTV studio not specifically for NAHA.    The inspiration was black & white textile and fashion mix.




What does your process look like for the entry?

I have never shot specifically with NAHA in mind, I do my own shoots and if the collection has not been published (which is a timing issue) and it fits a NAHA category then I think “what the heck let’s send it in.”  You have to remember it’s all subjective.   I believe your greatest competition is with yourself.  How do you better the last cut, color, dress work or shoot?  Your only as good as the last style, trust me that keeps me humble…!

So when it comes to hair it’s very subjective and personal taste.  I was a judge for 3 categories, and I have judged many International awards,  I try very hard to be subjective.  I look for beauty, originality, creativity, technical skill and the wow factor.


You have won 6 NAHA’s and the Lifetime Achievement Award!  What drives you to continue investing time into competing?

It’s a chance for my new collection to be seen and highlight again the importance of continually growing and further education.


Why do you think competing is important for hairdressers?

Good question! It pushes you to better your best.


You are such an incredible mentor and even have an intern program through your site.  What 3 tips would you give to a student or newer stylist about entering a photographic challenge like NAHA?

1. Great Model

2. Amazing Photographer

3. Brilliant  Make Up Artist

The rest is about the team all being on the same page to create a cohesive story.


What has been your favorite photo shoot to date?

The one you have not seen Moody blue… it’s breath taking, I am wondering if I should save it for a Naha entry which feels too long to wait or submit to consumer press.  It is really lovely.

**The Nerds vote- Show us, show us!!!


Which of the courses or live workshops would you recommend for….

Student/ New ?

Bob Series.


Intermediate ?

Bob Series.



Bob Series.

You see the bob is timeless and the hardest, you may do a nice bob but how about at brilliant bob and in all its variations, from this place Then the “classic graduation course” then “layers course”.

Ok so now you are cutting better with scissors and razor, but what about styling?

Ohhhh editorial styling is so important, how you move hair, set, back comb and take a basic cut and make it more modern or interesting.


Best reason to be a redhead… #TeamGinger!

Standing out from the crowd.



Vivienne definitely stands out from the crowd!   We can’t get enough of her !  You can stalk her too:

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