Several weeks ago we noticed on @JasonJDaniel instagram that Vivienne MacKinder was making her way to our hometown.  Whaaaat?!  Well you know we instantly decided we had to be there.    This was an internal event at Paul Mitchell- The School Sacramento so we had to get a little super stalker to score an invite.

As I typed up an e-mail to Vivienne’s awesome sister, Paula,   I had to wonder if my Nerd Stalking was reaching scary new heights.  A real Hair Nerd doesn’t wait for an invitation…. they just figure out a way to sneak in.  #DoWhatYouGottaDo

JasonJDaniel and The Hair Nerds

PMTS Sacramento ended up taking pity on us and generously let us crash the presentation.  The room was packed with students, alumni and salon owners who had come to witness the amazingness of Vivienne “Hair Genius” MacKinder.


For close to 3 hours,  Vivienne wowed us with her impressive razor technique and editorial styling.  We would pretty much watch her demo anything and be in complete and utter awe.



One of the things we were super stoked on was her mentorship program.   It is a combination of mentoring from Vivienne MacKinder and the HDTV Artistic Team that also includes assisting opportunities, “Monday Morning Feedback”,  a networking blog, competitions,  “The Hot Seat”, and a one- year pass to HDTV Classic for tons of education. 

The Monday Morning Feedback  is this amazing opportunity to post your work through out the week and then “Monday Morning” an HDTV Artistic Team Member gives you audio feedback with direction for your next submission and ideas for continued study.  Cool right?  Someone to help you continually cultivate your eye.


What was so awesome for these Hair {School} Nerds is while she definitely taught them tons of practical hairdressing tips and techniques,  she really dove deep into the importance of lifelong education and the art of being an incredible assistant.

She coached a student on stage and we had more than a few “A-Ha!” moments.  Things like staying on the dominant hand side of the artist and making sure you are handing pins and clips in a way that makes it a seemless transistion for them.   It was a lesson in how to really add value to your presence as a young stylist wanting to work with legendary mentors.


Viv’s ultra cheeky commentary and immense stage presence kept us enthralled the entire time.  The presentation was finished before we knew it and 3 hours had flown by in a blink! We think the students at PMTS Sacramento are incredibly lucky to have such talented artists join them.   HUGE thank you to the owner, Eduardo Madueno, for letting us crash the party!

Vivienne Mackinder and The Hair Nerds

“If you want to be a superstar you are missing the point. Because the person sitting in your chair should always be the star. ” -Vivienne MacKinder

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