The Wella Professionals 3rd Annual Student Competition has held a special place in our hearts from the beginning. Our Hair Nerd Carrie placed as a finalist in the first student competition in 2011, and even though she says her model ended up looking like a burnt out, red headed Marilyn mess…she still feels it was one of the most memorable moments in her hair journey. So you can imagine how exciting it was for us to have the honor to relive these moments through each of these future hairdinis energy and excitement.

Competitions are such an important part of our industry. It spotlights hard work and drive, it creates mentoring opportunities that feed the soul and sparks the inspiration of thousands with creative art.

– The Hair Nerds

 The Start of Amazing Things…

Once the high of becoming a finalist  in the Wella Student Competition sets in, you instantly start the planning for your first stage show ever….then you remember this is all going down in front of the entire ABS Chicago crowd and you get a little nervous.

But nerves aren’t what we felt walking into the Wella Student Competition meet and greet, instead we felt the energy of creativity and excitement and greeted by a room full of smiles.

Annie Leibman, Regional Education Manager for Wella & Curriculum & Capability Manager for P&G and Sandy Schoen, NA Education Leader for P&G

Annie Leibman started the event off with spreading her love and passion for both the industry and the #CosmoStudents competing in the Wella Student Competition.

Omar Antonio, a International Artistic Team Member for Sebastian Professional, spoke of  inspiration through sharing his hair journey of ups and downs. And finding success through hard work and dedication all while holding down the family life with his 4 beautiful children.

Hair Nerd Carrie even had the opportunity to share her experience as a finalist in the First Annual Student Competition with the students. She told them “Win or loose” this experience will be one you will remember forever.

Katie-Bug Brown / Winner of Wella Student Competition 2012, Carrie Bailon-MacDonald / Finalist of Wella Student Competition 2011 & Kathyrn Hornick / Winner of Wella Student Competition 2011

The Students spent the day getting to know one another and bond…

They participated in creative team building exercises…

 And shared ideas and inspiration.

Three Nerds and an IPhone…

Early Monday As the students worked, we stalked…here are some of the fun moments we caught on video.

Wella Student Competition Backstage – Jasper Struthers

Wella Student Competition Backstage – Michael Myles Diaz II

Wella Student Competition Backstage – Ashley Thom

Wella Student Competition Backstage – Sara Bain

Wella Student Competition Backstage – Andre Richardson

Wella Student Competition Backstage – Carmen Sandoval

Wella Student Competition Backstage – Hilaria Estrada


Your Life is About to Change Forever…


After all the excitement and creativity exploded in the prep room, the anxious artists waited to share their work and vision with the world…

 Win or loose, this is going to be a day to remember…

 Thank you to all of the students! We felt so honored to hear all of your stories and see such amazing student work!


Special Thanks to Randy Taylor HairbrainedPete Nygen Attachment Media for sharing their Amazing Photos! xo



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