The 3rd Annual Wella Student Competition has become one of the most exciting Student Competitions in the hair world. This competition gives young student stylists a huge platform to create and display their work, meet amazing Super Hair-os and exposes them to a whole new realm of the industry. The impact of experiencing this competition has lasting effects on these star students by creating future stylists with motivation and new found passion to want to do more and be more. – The Hair Nerds

The Big Show

 As the students waited for their grand debut, the best of the best were offering industry advice and guidance to all the hairdressers waiting to enjoy these #CosmoStudents creations.

Judges: Nick Berardi, Kathryn Hornick, Phillip Ferreira,
Shirley Gordon, Stephen Moody, Kelly Pennington


Team I.C.A.N. joined in on answering questions and showing some of their amazing looks.

Enter or Mentor

Our industry would die without the support and connection of mentoring.  We have all been taken under someones wing and shown the ropes  along with some pretty cool tricks at some points of our careers. Can you imagine if that never would of happened?  Where would you be?

So highlighting the hardworking educators who took the time to help the students compete was a very powerful.  It is truly a vital role and the key to our community’s success.  The students had the opportunity to nominate their mentors and honor all the hard work and support they were given.  We watched these mentors backstage with their students, assisting them while giving them words of encouragement and support. Fabio Sementilli’s famous line “Enter or Mentor” was something each of these giving Cosmetology Educators truly took to heart!

2013 Wella Instructor of the Year

Casey Ramos

Finalist Nominees: Tommy Wozniak, Bryden Mugleston, Justyna Hebbert, Matthew Hom, Rachel Toman, Allison VanDerMole, Andee Holmes, Cristina Woodson & Shanell Blackshear


The Students Take the Stage!


As all the students took on the stage of dreams, the excitement grew in the audience.  Each students showed off their work and spoke about their vision and inspiration for their looks. Watching them was amazing and being able to share this experience was such an honor. At the end of the day, they all deserved to be there and win or loose, they should all be very proud of what they accomplished by taking this competition head on!

And The Winners Are….


Wella Professional

GOLD – Ashley Thom, Bellus Academy – Poway, CA
SILVER – Jasper Struthers, Bellus Academy – Manhattan, KS
BRONZE – Alicia Harley, Marinello School of Beauty – Moreno Valley, CA



Sebastian Professional

GOLD – Michelle Ross, Regency Beauty Institute – Phoenix, AZ
SILVER – Sabrina Vann, Bellus Academy – Poway, CA
BRONZE – Mackenzie Secrist, Avalon School of Cosmetology – Phoenix, AZ



Clairol Professional

GOLD – Daniela Navarrete, Avalon School of Cosmetology – Phoenix, AZ

SILVER – Amanda Scott, Avalon School of Cosmetology – Phoenix­, AZ

BRONZE – Hilaria Estrada, Avalon School of Cosmetology – Phoenix, AZ


Student Finalists

Wella Professional

Sara Bain, Regency Beauty Institute – Southgate, MI

Crystal Carney, Regency Beauty Institute – Grand Rapids MI

Claudia Lerma, Metro Beauty Academy – Allentown, PA

Heather Youse, Metro Beauty Academy – Allentown, PA

Michael Myles Diaz II, Avalon School of Cosmetology – Phoenix, AZ

Sebastian Professional

Mayderum Michell, Regency Beauty Institute – Copperwood, TX

Dominica Newsome, Avalon School of Cosmetology – Phoenix, AZ

Dyana Balderrama, Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology – Portland, OR

Shirley Mills, Marinello School of Beauty – Torrington, CT

Cameron Clochie, Regency Beauty Institute – Blaine, MN

Clairol Professional

Andre Richardson, Southeastern Beauty Schools – Columbus, GA

Morgan Jones, Avalon School of Cosmetology – Phoenix, AZ

Marlela A. Olivia, Capri Beauty College – Oak Forest, IL


Special Thanks to Randy Taylor Hairbrained & Pete Nguyen Attachment Media for letting us use their awesome pics!!!



Check out our behind the scenes look backstage: Wella Professionals 3rd Annual Student Competition Backstage