I arrived Tuesday evening on a warm California winter night! (be jealous of our babe weather!)  to Wella Studios in Woodland Hills, Ca (I almost crashed my car by there once looking at girls dancing outside of the studios! LOL) I was greeted by front desk crew and Nick Berardi who briefly talked to me to let me know where Frank Andrade and Brenton Lee were working on there models for their Trend Launch 2016, Summer being Molten Ecaille and Winter being Bronde Lux.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.00.48 PM

I got to speak with Frank Andrade and Brenton Lee while they were model prepping and even though both dudes were on a serious, serious time crunch they still had time to make small talk with me and be super humble thanking me for shooting them.

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While we were talking, Michael Haase had walked in to chit chat with the artists and wound up helping out by doing a little assisting for Frank! It was awesome seeing Michael (I’m a big fan of his work) and how the whole situation wasn’t even a big deal to him!

Around 6ish people started entering the studios in droves! It was a big turn out of over 120 people in attendance! I noticed Larissa Doll, Amy Gammon (Eden Sassoon’s Salon Director), Sean Dawson, as well as other individuals within this crew. Megan Newell also introduced herself to me as well at this time.  Megan was very accommodating and super awesome to speak with and work with she made things really easy for me and let me even see the stage before hand to assess where I can shoot!

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After everyone settled in the show began! Frank discussed some of color palettes he used for this and what inspired him were burnished bronze, Rose Gold, Copper, Tortoise shell, and Polished Platinum!  He also encouraged individuals to sign up for the trend vision editorial course!

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Next up was Brenton Lee! He was pretty witty just like Frank and discussed Bronde Lux, describing it to be a mix of comfort and luxury! For the hair color it was fusions of warm brunette, cashmere (Ron Burgundy’s sweater!), cool mink, amber, grey, and dusty blues! He also encouraged and talked to the crowd about entering trend vision (he’s a 5 time trend vision finalist) and what benefits it has for you as an individual and your salon team!

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After the presentations of the models for the trend Launch Eric Allen, make up artist, Onna Suhovy, the wardrobe stylist, as well as Nick Berardi, the photographer, took the stage to discuss what you should be looking for in terms of putting out good work!

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Larissa Love also took the stage to discuss her trip to Berlin with Wella and some of the stuff showcased that inspired her! Afterwards people got to do a little mingling and talk with individuals and get advice to prep for their next trend vision!