Education is how we feed our souls and our lives. Changing our consciousness allows us to move forward with the results that we breathe, desire, and claim. Once you change your consciousness, you have the ability to change your career, your environment and your lifestyle. In this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, participants will get a complete sampling of the entire Ted Gibson Advanced Academy:

• Technique to Trend: You will gain the insights on what it takes to not only emulate the haircutting trends you see in magazines, television and movies – you will gain a foundation strong enough to create your own. • Backstage to the Runway: You will learn what it takes to make it backstage as an editorial hairstylist. We invite you to take these techniques, straight from the runway and bring them back to your salon chair. • Balayage Hair Painting: Whether it’s bold and dramatic or soft and natural, you will learn how to create modern, customized and irreplaceable haircolor for every single client in your chair • Celebrity Couture: Whether the hair you are creating is soft natural and beautiful, or statement fashion forward; aside from the techniques, Ted’s artistic team will show you how to maximize the value of your work. You will feel empowered to become the CEO of your artistry and the brand ambassador of your career. • It’s Your Business with Jason Backe: Celebrate your strengths and recognize your growth opportunities. Jason will share his expert insight on the perfect consultation, the earning potential of retail skills, why pre-booking is essential and the power behind effective social media skills.





1. Your new hair-bestie

Lets be honest… he’ll  be at the PBA after party, but you are a Hair Nerd and you don’t want a quick Hello and a picture. You’ve traveled all this way and you and Ted Gibson are connected at the soul and you crave that extra time to be locked in a room and pick his brain for any extra education you can get.




2. The Ted Gibson Academy Team

The whole gangs in town direct from the East Coast! This talented group of individuals are here to inspire and educate you and this chance is few and far between if you don’t like to leave the West Coast. Ted’s artistic team will share with you the advanced techniques that were used to create Ted Gibson’s 2015 “Gibson Girl” collection. Take your hairstyling ability to the next level and learn how to transform your everyday client into an it girl.





3. One-on-One

We know people who have gone and paid for haircuts just for some one-on-one time with their favorite hairdressers to be able to pick their brains (cough cough- our little intern, Em, for our ISSE weekend). You’re not only going to get an amazing hands-on educational experience from the Ted Gibson Class and from his Artistic Team, but also receive some very lucrative one-on-one time with the man himself… that you don’t have to get all Hair Nerd stalker on him to receive.


It’s not too late! Sign up for his classes at ISSE Long Beach on site or click here for the full schedule.